A 3-week or 8-week virtual coaching program designed for individuals who want to live mindfully with optimal energy for maximum performance. 

It begins with a desire towards self-improvement, a willingness to develop healthy habits and keeping yourself accountable through an action plan. This straight-forward approach is incredibly effective and is a fantastic way to take your life to the next level.  


I have found that there are three key tenets to achieving ultimate health and self-empowerment. Please see below for a full description.





Mindset Mastery

Your mindset has the potential to make or break your experience in all areas of your life. Your mind can work for you yet we often stand in our own way. The mind is wired to wander, blame and move us back into perceived comfort. It takes a refined self-awareness to overcome this tendency.  It is a decision to re-wire and train your mind to be accountable and responsible for your actions and self-talk. I believe this is one of the most valuable lessons and skills one can possess. Throughout our work together we will have phone sessions focused on finding clarity of your thoughts, values, and motivations and will observe how it shapes your existence.

Habit Formation

Everything that you do throughout your day matters. It takes recognition of your habits that may be holding you back in order to implement those that help you thrive. During our work together, you will commit to your personal and professional growth with daily worksheets or journal prompts designed to 'set' your state of mind and introduce a new way of thinking. Once we pinpoint your current roadblocks as well as your moments of power we can begin to design your days so you are more engaged in every aspect of life. Self-work is a habit that once incorporated can become second nature which is when real empowerment is experienced.

Thoughtful Action

It is common knowledge that exercise is critical for your overall physical and mental health. I believe that incorporating daily movement and breath practice is a key dimension in optimizing one's empowerment. During our work together you will commit to  a routine that we will design together in addition to  other suggested activities that are in line with your interests and current level of activity. Additionally, we will discuss the other ways in which you spend your time to uncover where you can incorporate other activities such as philanthropy, service to others and other community based work to enhance your contribution output.


Because you are more powerful than you know.